Innovativeness and creativity in packaging production is our main asset. Our constructions and professional counselling on the selection of the appropriate specification for various industries make us a Leader in the printing segment.

Our clients’ diverse needs, many years of experience as well as high-quality machines and systems allow us to make highly processed packaging in state-of-the-art technologies.

The graphics studio and the technological department in cooperation with the sales department ensure implementation of comprehensive printing through extensive assistance to customers – from creating a structure, through graphic support to consulting in the selection of packaging refinements.

A wide range of activities and quality customer service give us the opportunity to cooperate with many well-known companies from various industries, such as: food, pharmaceutical - dietary supplements, cosmetics, household chemicals.

New innovative products

Dear Valued Partners,

It is with profound excitement that we unveil ARMBOX – a groundbreaking packaging innovation incorporating graphene, setting new benchmarks in both safety and design aesthetics. ARMBOX is a synthesis of functionality and elegance, offering a packaging solution that not only ensures the protection of your products but also elevates their market presence.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, ARMBOX boasts a remarkable enhancement in durability. With an 18% INCREASE IN CRUSH RESISTANCE, it assures that even in the most demanding logistics scenarios, your products remain secure and unscathed. This transcends traditional packaging – it is a pledge of unwavering protection. Our meticulous attention to detail is evident. Our boxes are fortified, augmenting their COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH BY 7%. This fortification is indispensable for fragile items, where each increment in protection is pivotal.

Yet, the real masterpiece begins where conventional approaches end. The aesthetic integrity of our packaging is as paramount as its functionality. ARMBOX exhibits a 33% HIGHER SCRATCH RESISTANCE, ensuring that its visual appeal is preserved throughout its lifecycle. It not only safeguards but also enhances the perceived value and prestige of your products.

Our innovative material strategy yields unique advantages. The reduction of external water absorption by 25% significantly boosts the CARDBOARD'S MOISTURE RESISTANCE BY 54% over standard alternatives. This aspect is crucial for maintaining product integrity under diverse environmental conditions.

Additionally, the integration of graphene in our packaging significantly reduces OIL ABSORPTION BY 82%, an essential factor for products requiring heightened protection against contamination. The antibacterial and antifungal efficacy exceeds that of standard materials by 40%, adding an extra layer of defense for your products.

We are equally committed to environmental stewardship. Utilizing 90% recycled paper materials minimizes our carbon footprint, reflecting our dedication to sustainable practices while providing robust and eco-conscious packaging solutions.

ARMBOX is more than just packaging – it represents a strategic decision for those who prioritize resilience, aesthetic distinction, and ecological accountability. It is an investment in the future of your brand, ensuring that your products are showcased in the most superior manner.

ARMBOX stands as a beacon of market distinction, an emblem of innovation and quality, reserved for our esteemed clientele. With an understanding of your specific needs and the nuances of your products, we are confident in offering the unparalleled ARMBOX solution, a cornerstone in the advancement of your enterprise.

Smart & Safe Box packaging

Smart & Safe Box packaging – innovation on the packaging market!

The essence of Smart & Safe Box packaging is a unique technological solution in the area of safety. The patented model of the box structure consists in limiting access to its content and prevents it from being closed in case of opening after confection.

Opakowanie Smart & Safe box

Packaging is the carrier of information whether the product originally packed by a manufacturer in the same form reaches a target customer without any interference. For more details, please contact our sales department.

Print specifications

7-colour printing machine + varnish tower allows us to make packaging on the following cardboard materials:

  • Solid board, one or two-side coated (GC, GD, GT etc.)

  • Solid board, metalized and laminated (format min: 480x340 max. 1060-740 mm)

Print finishing options:

  • Dispersion varnish: matt/gloss/high gloss

  • Food contact varnish

  • Varnish: blister

  • UV varnish: full (coverage), pointwise (matt/gloss), glitters, soft-touch

  • Hybrid, so called “goosebumps” effect (possibility of choosing the thickness of the hybrid)

  • 3D spot varnish

  • Possibility of using fragrant/fluorescent paints

Other finishing options:

  • Hot-stamping: covered in gold, silver, colors, holograms (also print on HS foil)

  • Paper embossing: convex, concave, 3D, Braille

  • Foil: matt, gloss, soft-touch

  • Inserting PVC window films

State-of-the-art gluing machines with code readers and the HHS system allow us to glue the following packages:

  • single and multi-point

Additionally, we offer:

  • Storage of goods

  • Customer Panel in the Cicero system – access to information that allows you to track the order status

  • Designing packaging structures

  • DTP development of the provided graphic design

  • Transport of finished goods

 Leaflets and ephemeras


An additional asset of Arka-Druk Printing House is a wide range of printing services and ensuring a full printing offer for customers in one place.

Our offer also includes:

  • Medicine leaflets – book folding

  • Labels: on label paper, offset paper, chalky paper, metalized paper, self-adhesive sheet

  • Possibility of using Braille on the labels

  • Brochures

  • Catalogues

  • Calendars

  • Posters

Applications, among others:

package leaflets for medicinal products, dietary supplements, informative advertising leaflets and with euro pendants, labels for glass, metal and synthetic packaging, informative and advertising catalogues, company calendars, advertising posters.

Contact us:


Do you have questions about printing technology? Do you need a quotation for the packaging for your product? Write to us, all questions are answered within 24 hours or faster.


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