Offset printing (conventional or UV Low Migration)

Offset used for large print runs, where the image is transferred from flat printing plate onto a printing surface through an intermediate blanket cylinder.

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Digital printing

Printing method for low input production using a printing machine that creates an image directly on the basis of data sent from a computer without the need for intermediate media or printing plates.

Printing on PET films or PVC

Printing on non-absorbent surfaces by means of UV printing technology through immediate adherence of the paint with UV radiation.

Die cutting (also embossing)

A binding activity which consists in cutting out of paper, cardboard, paperboard sheets or other similar printing structure using a die cutting machine, the so-called “punch”.

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Laminating is a technology by way of which a paper product (e.g. cardboard, corrugated cardboard) is covered with a thin layer of (printed or blank) paper for decorative or technological purposes. constitutes the elite of packaging.

Laminated packages are characterized by extreme durability, which provides protection (e.g. during transportation and storage) while maintaining an esthetic value of offset printing.

A distinctive feature of laminated packaging and laminated boxes is the possibility to use decorative sheets combined with high-quality corrugated cardboard. The used raw materials allow for achieving a unique character of products and a feeling of exclusivity.

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Highlights specific graphics on a sheet using dies mounted in a transfer board or a punch.


Pumping the whole carton sheet with appropriate rollers to give it, for example, a skin or canvas effect.


Application of a flock at specific points in the sheet by printing with glue via a sieve and an electrostatic tunnel.

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Multi-point gluing and folding

Glue application in proper spots and folding the carton with a gluing machine for quick packaging.

Matt / flash / soft touch foils

Applying certain effects to the sheets, such as mats, flash, structure, suede effect, etc., by applying additional barrier to the outer elements.

Hot stamping (also thermal printing)

A printing technique with the use of hot-stamping films and dies made of heat-conducting material. After the hot die contacts the film, the adhesive is activated in positions corresponding to the drawing on the die and it remains on the printed surface with the proper fragment.

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Convex varnish (also 3D)

A screen-printing process which allows for applying very large amounts of paint at a specific point where, after hardening with UV lamps, the result is a convex effect without the need for a press-through process.

Hybrid lacquer (also orange leather, drip-off)

In-line lacquering with the use of an offset and flexo printing unit, where overlapping two lacquer layers generate a series of chemical reactions, resulting in a rough surface.

Soft Touch varnish

Lacquer which brings a velvety structure to surfaces, applied by a flexographic unit. It can be used for covering either penetrable or non-soaking floors.

Flash / matt lacquer

Lacquer that gives surface effects of deep matt and high gloss in UV technology as well as low gloss and semi-matt in a conventional finish.

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